Hazardous Roadside Hedges, Trees and Road Signs

Paul Jackman, Deputy Vice President of the Irish Road Haulage Association takes a truck on a trip down the R681 from Kill to Kilmeadan in Co Waterford to illustrate the difficulties HGVs face on a dialy basis navigating regional roads throughout Ireland.


The problem - roadside hazards such as overgrown hedges, trees and even road signs.  This is a major threat to road safety both for the truck driver but also other road users as all too often the truck is forced onto the middle of the road in order to avoid colliding with overhanging branches.This affects every haulier in the country and every member needs to share this video with their local County Council and local public representatives, and with the local Garda Roads Policing Unit.  We at the IRHA would welcome videos, similar to Paul's of other routes around the country, showing these hazards and we can compile a list of particularly bad spots and bring this to the attention of the County Councils to bring pressure on them to address this serious issue.  Any videos received will be posted here (video without audio is perfectly fine so long as you let us know the location).